Applications of the Super-V Cannula®

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Surgeons who perform arthroscopic shoulder surgery can benefit greatly from the unique applications of the Super-V Cannula. The Super-V Cannula is just as effective during labral procedures as it is during rotator cuff repairs. The instrument’s unique auto-retracting nitinol fins contribute to the device’s versatility. 

During a labral repair, the fins provide gentle retraction of the capsule, improving access to the shoulder joint. During rotator cuff surgery, the fins retract soft tissue to improve visualization. When the cannula is not accessed, the internal lumen closes partially to minimize fluid leakage.

Improved Visualization in Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery has continued to grow and evolve largely due to the technological advances that enable surgeons to perform as well through portals as they can through an incision.  

Surgery is about access, and improved access has led to a broader array of arthroscopic indications.  As the demand for arthroscopic shoulder surgeries increases, so too does the demand for arthroscopic instruments that enable optimal precision and visualization.

In the article “Complications of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery,” published in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review, researchers concluded, “the most common reported cause of failure of arthroscopic acromioplasty is inadequate resection. Difficult visualization is a significant factor in most inadequate resections”.  

Arguably, improved visualization leads to improved outcomes and fewer complications. This is where the Super-V Cannula comes in. The instrument’s unique auto-retracting fins retract soft tissue to improve surgical visualization.

Saves Time in the OR

As the population ages and the demand for minimally invasive shoulder surgery increases, tools that provide safe and effective joint space access are essential.

Insertion of commonly used screw-in cannulas during arthroscopic shoulder surgeries can take nearly a minute, sometimes even longer for younger patients with thicker shoulder capsule. However, the Super-V’s unique insertion technique is twice as fast as insertion of screw-in cannulas.

“The Super V Cannula works just as well on labral and rotator cuff repair procedures.”