The Super-V Cannula®

Minimally invasive, maximally productive

Minimally invasive surgery may have revolutionized the field of orthopedic surgery, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. The efficacy and safety of minimally invasive surgery depends on the quality and quantity of access surgeons have to their operative field. 

The Super-V Cannula is designed specifically to maximize both of these parameters. The Super-V Cannula is smaller, less traumatic, and more effective than its competitors, making it one of the most minimally versatile arthroscopic tools on the market.

Super-V Cannula Devices

Super V-Cannula SVC-85​

Super-V Cannula SVC-85

The original super V cannula utilizes 2 Nitinol strips which are pre-contoured to provide arthroscopic retraction during primarily hip arthroscopy and shoulder arthroscopy.

Inside Diameter: mm

Working Length: 85 mm

Retracted Length: 50 mm

Original Super-V Cannula
Short webbed Super-V Cannula SVC-W70​

Short webbed Super-V Cannula SVC-W70

This second generation webbed Super-V Cannula is more ideally suited for rotator cuff surgery and smaller patients.

Inside Diameter: 8.5 mm

Working Length: 70 mm

Retracted Length: 35 mm

Can be delivered directly off of 5.8 to 6.0 mm arthroscopy sheath (Stryker, Arthrex, Smith&Nephew) – Requires nose ring for direct delivery.

Short Super-V Cannula
Webbed Super-V Cannula SVC-W85​

Webbed Super-V Cannula SVC-W85

This is a webbed version of the original Super-V Cannula. Webbing provides additional soft tissue retraction at the point of entry into the joint or space.

Inside Diameter: 8.5 mm

Working Length: 85 mm

Retracted Length: 50 mm

Can be delivered directly off of 5.8 to 6.0 mm arthroscopy sheath (Stryker, Arthrex, Smith&Nephew) – Requires nose ring for direct delivery.

Long Super-V Cannula
Placeholder PH-85 - Super-V Cannula​

The Placeholder PH-85

This is a modular arthroscopic retracting cannula. The 3 Nitinol strips are sold separately, reusable, and loaded externally.

The inner cannula is removable from the base to allow passage of ACL graphs, dermal graphs for superior capsular reconstruction procedures, etc.

Inner Diameter of Cannula: 9.0 mm

Inner Diameter of Placeholder Base with Cannula Removed: 12 mm

Uses the Nitinol strips that are embedded in the original super V cannula-85 mm with independently adjustable retraction on each of the three fins.

Placeholder - Super-V Cannula

Super-V Cannula Accessories

Nitinol Strips - Super-V Cannula​

Nitinol Strips

These are the hyperelastic skeleton of the Arthroscopic Innovations line of cannulas. 

Length: 8.5 mm

Nose Ring​ - Super-V Cannula​

Nose Ring (patent pending)

The Arthroscopic Innovations line of cannulas are the only cannulas on the market that provide true arthroscopic retraction using proprietary Nitinol technology.

They are also the only cannulas that can be loaded and deployed directly off of the standard 5.8-6.0 mm metal arthroscopy sheaths already used during surgery.

Diameter: 8.5 mm

Reusable Obturator​ - Super-V Cannula​

Reusable Obturator

All of the Arthroscopic Innovations cannulas can be loaded onto the reusable obturator

Cannulation: 2.4 mm

Unique Features of the Super-V Cannula

Reduced Tissue Trauma

The Super-V Cannula’s design minimizes the risk of normal tissue injury during cannula insertion to the greatest degree on the market. We have eliminated obstructive threads that reduce visibility and the need to twist the cannula upon insertion. Further, we’ve achieved a reduction in the cross sectional area of tool-on-tissue contact by 50%. These advances mitigate tissue injury while providing timely access to the surgical field.

Improved Surgical Visualizations

The Super-V Cannula’s auto-retracting nitinol fins retract soft tissue and improve surgical visualization. Surgeons can expect an improved surgical working area with a wider working angle.


The Super-V Cannula maintains portal and improves view regardless of patient size, so it can effectively treat a diverse group of patients. Also, it can be used for both intra-articular and subacromial procedures.

Innovative Use of Nitinol

The Super-V Cannula is the only arthroscopic device that uses nitinol to overcome limitations caused by the minimally invasive approach. The unique auto-retracting nitinol fins provide excellent, but flexible arthroscopic retraction.

More Effective Fluid Retention

The Super-V Cannula has multiple levels of fluid management. Its auto-retracting fins minimize backflow from the fluid gate and limit liquid leakage.

Effortless Insertion and Removal

The auto-retracting fins remain closed until the instrument is fully inserted. Removal is simple and atraumatic.

Reloadable and Reusable

The Super-V Cannula can be reloaded and reused over and over again, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly tool for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Shortens Operative Time

By improving visualizations and expediting the insertion process, the Super-V Cannula helps surgeons save precious time in the operating room.

Sizing Down the Competition in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Size matters in minimally invasive surgery. The smaller the cannula, the lower the risk for normal tissue injury, and the more likely the patient is to make a speedy and complete recovery.

The Super-V Cannula compresses for a minimal profile during insertion. This makes it one of the smallest minimally invasive surgical instruments on the market.

Most of the cannulas surgeons use that have an inside diameter of 8mm have an outside diameter of 11-12 mm (not including the threads that push on it!). In comparison, the outer diameter of the Super-V Cannula is only 8.01 mm. The SVC’s outer diameter is smaller than its competitors because of the compressive nature of nitinol and elastomer that line the cannula walls. The inner diameter of the SVC is still closer to 8 mm, which allows for the passage of even the largest arthroscopic instruments. 

Compare and contrast the Super-V with other cannulas in the chart below:

Specs of the Super-V Cannula®

Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Cross Sectional Area
Over 50% Reduction!
Super-V Cannula®
Other Cannula 1
7.99 mm
7.99 mm
11.46 mm
11.46 mm
103.45 mm2
103.45 mm2
Other Cannula 2
7.33 mm
7.33 mm
12.09 mm
12.09 mm
114.80 mm2
114.80 mm2
Other Cannula 3
8.27 mm
8.27 mm
13.22 mm
13.22 mm
137.26 mm2
137.26 mm2