Super-V Cannula®

Retracting Arthroscopy Cannula

The innovative arthroscopic instrument that improves surgical efficiency and helps reduce operative times.

  • No threads
  • No twisting
  • Greater than 50% reduction of cross-sectional area during insertion

What is the Super-V Cannula®

The Innovative Solution for Arthroscopic Surgery

The Super-V Cannula provides unique features no other arthroscopic cannula available on the market can offer. The only truly retracting arthroscopic cannula with easy, low-profile insertion and effective arthroscopic fluid management, the Super-V Cannula improves surgical visualization to save time and improve outcomes in the operating room.

Designed by veteran surgeons, the Super-V Cannula is the only retracting arthroscopic cannula that can be deployed directly from the metal cannulas already in use for arthroscopic procedures. Key features include effortless insertion and retraction, more effective fluid retention, and a simple, low-profile design. Because of its size and innovative design and materials, it’s also less traumatic on soft tissue than other minimally invasive surgical instruments.

Long Super-V Cannula

Features of the Super-V Cannula®

Reduced Tissue Trauma - Arthroscopic Innovations

Reduced Tissue Trauma

We've eliminated obstructive threads that reduce visibility and the need to twist the cannula upon insertion. Additionally, we’ve achieved a reduction in the cross sectional area of tool-on-tissue contact by 50%

Improved Surgical Visualization - Arthroscopic Innovations

Improved Surgical Visualization

The Super-V Cannula’s auto-retracting fins retract soft tissue and improve surgical visualization. Surgeons can expect an improved surgical working area with a wider working angle.

Versatility - Arthroscopic Innovations


The Super-V Cannula maintains portal and improves view regardless of patient size, so it can effectively treat a diverse group of patients. Also, it can be used for both intra-articular and subacromial procedures.

Innovative Use of Nitinol - Arthroscopic Innovations

innovative use of nitinol

The Super-V Cannula is the only arthroscopic device that uses nitinol to overcome limitations caused by the minimally invasive approach. The unique auto-retracting nitinol fins provide excellent, but flexible arthroscopic retraction.

More Effective Fluid Retention - Arthroscopic Innovations

More Effective Fluid Retention

The Super-V Cannula has multiple levels of fluid management. Its auto-retracting fins minimize backflow from the fluid gate and limit liquid leakage.

Effortless Insertion and Removal - Arthroscopic Innovations

Effortless Insertion and Removal

The auto-retracting fins remain closed until the instrument is fully inserted. Removal is simple and atraumatic.