Applications of the Super-V Cannula®

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Arthroscopic hip surgery has become increasingly common over the past decade.  The ability to successfully treat femoroacetabular impingement, labral tears, chondral lesions, and loose bodies has expanded dramatically.  Hip preservation surgery is a rapidly growing field.  

Joint visualization is greatly improved by arthroscopic capsular retraction.  Typically, arthroscopic hip cannulas are longer, more cumbersome, and hip specific.  

The Super-V Cannula was created by orthopedic surgeons with time management in mind. The device’s auto-retracting nitinol fins retract the capsule, allowing surgeons to work from a wider angle and improve visualization and access. Insertion is quicker and less traumatic than screw-in cannulas.

Physicians and patients benefit from an arthroscopic cannula that reduces operative time and provides superior surgical field visualization. The Super-V Cannula improves surgical efficiency and reduces operative times, making it the ideal arthroscopic instrument for surgeons who want to save time in the operating room.